All you need to know before you scrap your unwanted car - Part I

From: 2018-07-19 | Category: Default
The car scrapping process is pretty straightforward, provided you are familiar with legal requirements and know what documents are needed in order to get rid of your unwanted vehicle in a lawful manner.

Do your research and use a licensed dealer to avoid legal prosecution.

There are different reasons why you would like to scrap your car. It may no longer run reliable and the repair costs are just too high and not worth the hassle. Or maybe your old car has reached its end of life and has been SORNed and kept off the road for some time. Whatever the reason, if you decide it is high time you scrapped it, you have to remember that UK regulations require us to dispose of unwanted vehicles with Authorised Treatment Facilities only (ATF). 

The reason behind this regulation is purely environmental. Some car parts containing acids or oils such as battery or gear box are extremely harmful to the environment and only authorised facilities are able to minimise this damage. If you choose to use a non-licensed company you risk being prosecuted. Not really worth the risk, is it?

Ensure you have all paperwork in place.

Ideally you will need the V5C registration certificate, also called a logbook, where you can fill in a relevant section, keep the copy and forward it to the DVLA to inform them you have scrapped your car. If the logbook is missing, you can always apply to the DVLA for a V5C duplicate, which costs approximately £25. 

Auto Scrap Hull can help even if your car logbook is missing. If that’s the case, please let us know beforehand and we will ensure your vehicle is de-registered with the local ATF and the C.O.D. (Certificate of Destruction) is issued by the DVLA and sent directly to your address. 

The C.O.D. is being issued within 7 days of scrapping your vehicle and it only applies to cars, light vans and 3-wheeled motor vehicles. 

Never fall for ‘we pay instant cash’ advertisements.

Remember it’s illegal to be paid in cash for a scrapped car in England and Wales. The only acceptable method of payments are bank transfers or cheques.

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