Forget About Online Listings of Your Scrap Cars in Hull

From: 2019-09-26 | Category: Default
When you have a scrap car in Hull taking up the space of your garage or driveway, you want to get it out of the way as soon as possible. You may be thinking about an online listing. However, the listing can result in more time that it sits in your driveway. Plus, you will have to field countless calls and emails about people who want to know more about the car.

Avoid Dealing with Uninterested Parties
Many people who see the online listings are looking to get something for a deal. They may want to get the scrap car from you for free. Some may want to come and have a look before they offer to buy it from you. Even if it doesn’t run, people will want to try to take it for a test drive or check under the bonnet to see what’s going on.

This can take a lot of time – time you don’t have. Rather than dealing with the countless calls and emails of people who likely aren’t really interested in your scrap car, it can be easier to provide info and get an offer online.

Get Rid of the Car Quickly
Your goal is to get rid of the scrap car in Hull so you don’t have to look at it any longer than necessary. If you can make a bit of money on it, too, that’s grand. 
We make it easy for you to dispose of scrap cars in Hull by providing you with an online form. It’s as simple as providing us with the registration number, your postcode, and some contact information. We will provide you with an offer right away. If you like the offer, we will come to pick up the unwanted car within 24 hours.

At Auto Hull, we take care of all of the details so that you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll sort the paperwork, provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, and dispose of the scrap car in an environmentally-friendly way.

Contact us today so that you don’t have to create an online listing.

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