How to Get Rid of an Unwanted Scrap Car

From: 2019-07-26 | Category: Default
There’s nothing worse than an unwanted car sitting in your garage or driveway. It’s taking up room and it might be quite the eyesore, too. Rather than letting it sit, gathering rust, there’s something that you can do about it.
You can scrap your unwanted car easily with Scrap Car Hull. We’ll get rid of your old car since it’s not doing you any good. Especially if it’s not drivable and you question whether it’s worth anything, you can let us take it off of your hands.

Get a Quote
Your scrap car is worth something, even if it’s not a lot. This means that you can get some money for your car while also getting rid of it. We have an online form that allows you to fill out some basic information, including the registration number of the car as well as your contact details.
Once we review your quote, we’ll offer you a price. After that, you can decide if you’re happy with what we’re offering. If you are, we will arrange a time for collection on a date that is convenient for you.

Get Rid of Your Car
We will collect the car for you, ensuring that you don’t have to pay for a tow truck to get rid of it. We use eco-friendly disposal methods and will provide you with the certification to show that it is destroyed. This ensures that you can prove that you’re no longer in possession of the car.
We only work with licensed, authorised treatment facilities to recycle the vehicles. Plus, we ensure that you get the Certificate of Destruction required by the DVLA as soon as possible.

Eliminate Your Worries
There’s no reason to keep a car around longer than necessary. If you can’t drive it and you can’t sell it, it’s silly to keep it on your property. It’s only going to get harder to get rid of as it starts to deteriorate. While you might not be able to make a fortune off of it, we’ll show you how an auto scrap in Hull can take care of your biggest worries.
Contact us today to make a little money and get rid of the scrap car once and for all.

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