Turn the car scrap into money with autoscrap

From: 2020-03-20 | Category: Sell My Car
Who likes extra useless stuff taking up space in their garage or just a show piece in your garage. We understand how no one likes it and wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. Let us convert those scrap into something useful.

We're a licensed company having all sorts of required permissions from local authorities. All you have to do is pick up your smartphone or laptop and just type . Within seconds you’ll land onto our official website which lets you enter all your required details and submit it. The moment we receive your quote we’ll contact you back with a price offer we feel is best for your scrap car and let you decide if it suits you.

If you’re happy with our quote all you have to do is just let us know and we’ll arrange a suitable time & date that is perfect for you as well as us. As per schedule we’ll come and pick up your scrap car and pay the agreed price. Leave it on us and we’ll dispose of the car according to Authorized Treatment Facilities.

"Excellent and friendly customer service both over phone and on collection of service." 
This is what the customers have to say about us. Payments are easier yet on time. We will always pay you upon collection pf the vehicle which won’t delay payments. Payments are possible both through Bank Transfer and you can request a cheque payment too.

Let us tell you why you should choose us:
● We believe in transparency - whatever price we quote are guaranteed and there are no hidden collection charges. 
● On time services – we’ll pick up your car in no more than 48 hours’ maximum
● Our online valuation service is fast and convenient, just a click away!
● We sort out DVLA paperwork and issue relevant certificates on collection – so you've got nothing to worry about. 

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Get best price for your scrap vehicle.