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Scrap your car in Hull for instant payment.

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Our services are 100% genuine and all quoted prices are guaranteed. Shall you require to dispose of your old unwanted car, you can stay assured our team will collect it within maximum 24 hours from your quote approval. Don't hesitate to contact us today for quick and guaranteed car scrap service in Hull and the neighbouring areas.

Responsible recycling

We care about our customers just as much we care about the environment. We ensure to dispose of all scrap cars in an environmentally friendly way and we only use services of licensed Authorised Treatment Facilities.

All paperwork sorted

We manage the whole process from start to finish in a smooth and efficient way. This includes getting your paperwork in order by issuing a Certificate of Destruction required by the DVLA. Shall you have further questions, please refer to the FAQs section of this website.

We scrap any vehicle in kingston upon hull and the neighbouring areas. Contact us now on 079 04 08 01 06.

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We remove scrap cars quickly and efficiently.
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It takes less than a minute to fill in the registration number, add your contact details, and submit the form.
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Let us know if you are happy with the price and we will arrange a suitable date and time for collection.
we collect your car
and you get paid
We come as arranged, pick up your scrap car and pay the agreed price. We dispose of all cars in licensed Authorised Treatment Facilities.
How and when do you pay a customer?
We always pay upon collection of the vehicle and you can choose to be paid either via Bank Transfer or request a Cheque payment.
"Excellent and friendly customer service both over the phone and on collection of the vehicles.

The service is quick and efficient, we would happily recommend it to others."
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Scrap car collection in Hull and East Yorkshire

Here at Scrap Car Hull we offer fast and easy car scrap services for all unwanted cars in Hull upon Kingston and the neighbouring areas. We can collect any vehicle, regardless of its condition for a very competitive price. Our collection services are 100% free and we offer instant payments upon collection.

Our services have been designed for everyone who is looking for a quick and reliable scrap car collection, including immobile and end-of-life vehicles. Simply fill in and submit the Instant Quote form and we will get back to you asap with a scrap car price offer.

We ensure to stay competitive and efficient at all times and therefore we guarantee all quoted prices. Once you have accepted our price offer for your scrap car in Hull upon Kingston, we promise to collect it for free within maximum 48 hours, depending on your location. There is absolutely no obligation to sell if you choose not to - why not give us a try? 

why choose auto scrap hull

We offer a 100% transparent services: once the price is accepted we come to collect your scrap car and you get paid instantly.
Our online valuation system is fast and convenient and the scrap car prices we offer are guaranteed.
We sort out all DVLA paperwork and issue relevant certificates upon collection so you don't have to worry about anything.
Older vehicles tend to be forgotten. They may sit inside of a garage, taking up valuable space. Then again, they may be sitting in a backyard, collecting rust. Wherever an old automobile may be, it’s time to get rid of it once and for all. After all, there’s no reason it should be sitting on your property if it cannot be used as a reliable mode of transportation.
Auto Scrap in Hull will take your old auto so that you don’t have to worry about it any longer. There are several benefits to this service.
It’s important to look at the benefits of working with Auto Scrap Hull. When you have a vehicle that you no longer want, whether it is old, rundown or simply has served its purpose, you need to look at how you can get rid of it.

Using an auto scrap service makes it easier for you to get rid of the vehicle without having to do any of the work on your own. Knowing the benefits will make it that much easier.
Once you own a car, there is paperwork involved. This means you have to be mindful of the paper trail that can exist when you decide to sell it or get rid of it. By choosing an auto scrap in Hull, the paperwork can be dealt with for you.

The paperwork that states you own a specific car needs to be kept inside of your car at all times. It’s how you’re able to prove it is yours. Then, should someone else buy it from you, it requires a time-consuming process of transferring the title. In some instances, this can cost quite a bit, too.
Around the holidays, you tend to spend a lot more money. There may be presents that need to be purchased, trees that need to be picked out, and even holiday dinners that need to be served. All of this is going to take money. If you have an old clunker for a car, you can sell it to us for an instant payment so that you have the cash that you need to get through the holidays.